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I realized yesterday while chatting with a friend that my very first Blog post way back a whole 5 years ago had to do with a new home improvement project. Well here we are 5 years later and we're at it again. Oh there have been projects in between...boring things like new HVAC, a new roof, and removing the dreaded popcorn. Not nearly as sexy as a loggia with a wood fired oven but necessary nevertheless.

Now we have moved to the great outdoors, and once again I am determined to bring a bit of Italy to the front and back yards. There is talk of a mini vineyard, a grape covered pergola, potted citrus, olive trees, lavender and lots of Italian Cypress trees. Yes, yes, I drank the Pinterest Kool-Aid, what can I say?

Anyhow, the first batch of trees has been delivered, we have demolished a perfectly fine but ill-placed BBQ island and so it begins... I'll post some pictures as we go along. Funny, my sister in law calls these types of activities, feathering the nest. I'm pretty sure my husband would call it, denuding the nest egg!!

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